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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Fist time...

Virgin blogger starts typing... hmm

The blank page is always a wee bit intimidating! I have a lot of random thoughts cursing through my MS riddled brain.

I have MS, it does not have me. They call it remitting/recurring, I call it a frustrating issue that that I need to beat! I want my energy & cognitive functions back!

CCSVI is the new hot topic for those of us with MS. There are places throughout North America where I live & around the world that are offering the testing/procedure now. My neurologist blew it off & my family doctor said she'd be 'FORCED' to treat me legally if I chose to get the procedure done & there were side effects! So much for universal health care in Canada! Unfortunately, they are not offering it in my town & I do not have the means to travel elsewhere. It's weird, but I know that my jugulars are blocked/twisted before I even get tested. I've often felt that there is a tightening or something in my neck that cannot be attributed to anything regular medicine or even alternative medicine can identify until CCSVI!

My personal thoughts are that this may indeed be related to MS but it is a VASCULAR problem and should be dealt with as such! Angioplasty surgery is performed on heart patients every minute of every day with no fuss - why can't we apply this logic to people with MS who have blocked/twisted jugulars?

Connecting the dots between CCSVI & MS can be researched to death - take your time to make sure you are right - but please help the people NOW!

I've recently become vegan too... so my posts will relate to that too in the future. I love cooking & inventing new vegan delicacies is my new hobby!


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