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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Vegan is not working for me...

I had become vegan to see if that would help the MS. I did feel a lot better, however, was still having "issues". Having read Direct-Ms's diet information (, it seems to support the fact that a diet rich in beans, legumes & soy is doing me no favours! I was correct in my initial thoughts that dairy & eggs were not good for me... the Direct-MS diet appears to agree with that.
It's kind of funny, because I said to my friend that I wanted to bring meat/fish/seafood back into my diet on a limited basis & try to stick to better-raised animals to see what I tolerate well. There are a good selections of meats/poultry in town that are organically grown (a la the Paleo Diet) which supports eating natural meat/seafood etc & coincidentally is used for some of the recipes in the Direct-MS Diet!
The HUGE adjustment I'm going to have to face is no beans, peanut butter & no wheat/gluten (read beer & ww bread) - oh well, hello cashew & almond butter on rice crackers/bread, vodka & rum are gluten free! yay! and my low sodium soda water goes well with vodka :) The liquor store up the street carries gluten free red wines too, so that is always a bonus!
Onto another clean out of the kitchen... the food bank & drop-in centre are benefitting from my recent dietary evolution!
Now if only we could get CCSVI liberation available in Canada... onwards & upwards...

Sunday, 11 April 2010

drugs side effects are sometimes worse than the ms for me! I have osteoperosis brought on by prednisone & I have no family history & always ate well & was active - now I eat calcium like candy... I have borderline high blood sugar from the prednisone - I am a vegan & don't eat any high glycemic foods... I have high blood pressure brought on by the prednisone... I am a vegan & limit my salt intake significantly! I inject copaxone daily & have no idea what effects it is haviing on me! Since starting it, I have had one major exacerbation but the fatigue & brain fog are worse now than ever

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

MS Society of Canada

Well... that was two hours I'll never get back! I'm disappointed in the amount of inaccuracies & the apparent lack of knowledge that Dr. Murray presented! He misquoted research & used statistics to discount individual improvements. He spoke about drug treatments at every opportunity & did not answer questions directly.

Order of Canada = Politically friendly

MS Society of Canada

Wow... Watching the MS Society of Canada webcast regarding CCSVI. What a load of political double-speak! Why didn't they have people who've had the procedure performed on them speaking about it!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

CCSVI procedure - let's get it going in Canada!

None of us can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change our tomorrows. ~Colin Powell

Let's get the CCSVI procedure going in Canada!

I'm sick & tired of being fatigued & brain foggy! Let's get this available in Canada now! Prevent further damage!

Sunday, 4 April 2010


So went out with my friends from Lethbridge/Mazatlan. It was a blast - the usual debauchery on a pub crawl. Had fun even not drinking more than 3! Ended up booty calling the bf :) I went on the crawl with the ex as he's friends with them too. He told me he still loves me... that was weird & I'm like wow, should have thought about that before he fucked up our relationship by not communicating & then lying to me about the Vancouver trip! A part of me still loves him, but a bigger part of me can never trust him again! Plus my new guy is so nice & mellow it's wonderful! The ex is still one of my best friends - that sounds weird, but it's true.
Today is Easter Sunday and the 16th anniversary of my mom's death. I still miss her a lot! I'm such a completely different person because I don't have a mom. My aunt could have stepped up to the plate, but that didn't happen. Oh well, I have really great friends and my dad, so life is good :)

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Success is all we are seeing from people who have had the procedure! There is an article in the Ottawa Citizen

I don't know if I'll be hit by a bus in 5-10 years either, but I want to live my life fully NOW! If that means finding $10,000 and going to Poland - I may just have to sell the condo & DO IT!