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Monday, 21 June 2010

what I know is not right with me...

1. 74/84 scale primary MS Fatigue - ugh... if the Liberation gives me only one benefit, I hope it is reducing the fatigue
2. Brain fog
3. difficulty absorbing information - I'm ok once it is in at retrieving it (though a bit slow) this is likely why I haven't been able to
concentrate to read books
4. numb stripe down the outside of my left calf
5. numb stripe on left side of face from my chin to my lower left nostril
6. trouble focusing my eyes
7. sensitivity to heat - legs turn into wet cement & the fatigue is quadrupled
8. trouble walking heel/toe (though my physio lady is working with me on that - need to have a wall beside me or my cane so I
don't tip over - realize that's why I've been walking without bending my ankles for so long... helps me balance!
9. trouble retrieving words
10. standing at the sink to wash dishes - overheat, fatigue, unco-ordination
11. unable to clean the bathtub/shower in one day - I pick away at it
12. unable to ride my bicycle
13. unable to rollerblade (this may be attributable to something other than MS... we'll see! LO)
14. unable to ski due to helmet - overheat, legs fail... you know the drill...
15. no edit button when I'm tired - swear more, no tolerance though the new bf helped a lot :)!
16. arms shake when I'm hot or really fatigued
17. grip strength is the sh*ts... getting a bit better with the creepy gel silly putty stuff I got from my OT! (Thanks Erin - you
18. Too tired to cook, so I'm eating take out which is bad... or I just eat salad with no protein
..... too tired... I took all day to get to 18.... I'll add tomorrow... :)
Nap time

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