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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

keeping track...

7:20 am
Went to sleep just after 10 pm & woke up just before 7 am - did not wake up during the night (9 hours of sleep & my regular time to bed)
I am feeling about 65% energy level & it's cool in the condo this morning, so that helps! The forecast high is 21 - so not as hot as yesterday! good
My arms are still weak (dammit) and I have pressure behind right eye & had to do some eye exercises before focus was acceptable. I'm still nerve-shaky inside & a bit unbalanced (enter jokes here brats!) LOL
God, I wish I had the strength/balance/focus to work out - I miss it :( Even yoga is too much for my low energy level & body weakness right now :(
Oh well, onward & upward...
Poured myself a bowl of gluten free cereal (I love the maple flavoured one - yum) & almond milk with strawberries & blueberries. No smoothie this morning as I didn't get yesterday's dishes done & the blender is soaking in the sink...
Have to get ready soon because it takes over an hour what with getting downtown, catching the train, catching the bus to the Foothills hospital for my 10 am-noon Optimus Clinic OT appointment - I think we are testing memory today. Hopefully I'm not super tired 'cause it takes a while to get back home too (reminder - stop at the organic market in Kensington on the way back)
I'll pack a snack because I can't wait until 1-1:30 when I get home to eat lunch. The hospital cafeteria has very little healthy food, so that's not an option.
Give me strength! :)

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