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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Keeping track...

Had another 10.5 hour sleep.... woke up & I'm just as fatigued as when I went to bed :(
Too tired to shower today -had one yesterday & it's raining out - so everyone will have bad hair today!
I got up at 8:45 & poured a bowl of cereal & cut up a banana into it
Sat down & ate, took my vitamins
My arms are really weak & heavy today - having to lean on the table while typing & I can feel my hands getting weaker with every stroke... I sure hope physio can help me with my arms & my hips (the aleve just aren't cutting the pain right now) - we were just concentrating on vestibular stuff last week... it's pretty cool, but exhausting!
I'm having lunch today with my friend Jenn... she works across the street from my condo & the restaurant is 1/2 a block away! yay... I have to walk up to Shopper's Drug after lunch - need TP! It's only another 2 blocks further. It's raining & 8 degrees, so at least the heat won't contribute to fatigue today!
Erin at OT called me - they had the "meeting"... I have another week's reprieve - we are going to speak to Patty at the disability co again next week while I'm at OT... Patty wants a detailed description of how fatigue affects me... I'll direct her to this blog & also write down some things so I don't forget to tell her (MS brain fog!)
I'm also going to take pictures of the piles of laundry & general state of my condo that I just don't have the energy to undertake! If only she'd understand that I used to be a total neat freak & was super organized! Wow... I can't even remember being like that it's been so long....
I've always said I wished I'd break out in purple spots when I'm fatigued so that people could see that I truly am sick & it's not like normal fatigue - you can cure that with sleep.....

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