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Friday, 28 May 2010

keeping track...

just got out of the shower. Really glad that Erin, my occupational therapist called Aids to Daily Living for me & got me some safety bars for my bathroom & a bathtub seat - really needed it today! So bloody tired, I can't raise my arms to blow dry my hair - guess it's another pony tail day if the fingers will work!
The fatigue is super kicking my ass today - I don't understand why when I am doing EVERYTHING I can to get better - clean diet, proper vitamins/supplements, lots of sleep... perhaps it's because I'm too fatigued to work out? I did my physio vestibular exercises today - still a bit dizzy, but better after them than before
I have to save energy to get to chiro... at least it's only a shortish walk from the train to the chiro's office!

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