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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Rough 2 weeks....

So, I'm more certain than ever that I have CCSVI. Why, you may ask? I was at the dentist on April 19th for a routine cleaning. I was inverted in the chair for an hour... when I got up, I had a huge pressure in my head & still have it now, the MS foot drop, numbness in my chin, SUPER fatigue, BRAIN FOG from HELL all became my daily life since then. Was it all that refluxing blood rushing around my brain for an hour? hmm... I may not know for a long time. I'm on the waiting list for Poland - they've told me "some time" in 2011... the Buffalo researchers advised 5 years until treatment would be available in Canada... I have been off work since Sept 2009 due to severe fatigue & brain fog - but I would say I'm WORSE now than I was when I started all this! I was on a fairly steady path of improvement over the last 6 months and had anticipated a return to work by July'ish if all things kept going as they were. Now I've been set back even further... Not happy! I'm doing everything in my power to get better!!!!!!! (not having the stress of the disability company not supporting my illness doesn't help), but I'm SUPER frustrated right now :(

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