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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

keeping track...

long day!
Went for occupational therapy - awesome meeting - Erin actually UNDERSTANDS MS fatigue!
Went to the physiotherapist - great session - we tried some vestibular rehab to alleviate the dizziness - I have homework to do, but found it is helping a bit, so hopefully with further sessions/training, the vertigo will lessen
I was EXHAUSTED when I got home... had to move the couple of boxes & my bicycle from my parking stall due to the parkade cleaning tomorrow - ugh! Crashed once this was done - thank God for my "old-lady" shopping cart LOL
Napped out for 3 hours after this
just warmed up some soup & eating that - will be an awfully early night tonight.... o - the meeting with the "powers-that=be" has been moved to Thursday ... still not phone call yet either - but I know OT & physio is going to help me - so I am hopeful that my company will listen to reason - it's in their best interest to get me healthy :)
Night all...
a little more hopeful today :)

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