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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Keeping track...

Tuesday - survived a quiet QUIET weekend... too fatigued to do much of anything - sat around with friends Saturday night, watched tv Sunday, got one load of laundry washed & hung up to dry - it's not put away yet... (woo hoo - only 15 more to go) :(

I have occupational therapy & physio today... I am so fatigued, I am having trouble typing due to my arms being so fatigued, I'm dizzy & my legs are weak! I have to travel downtown, take the train to North Hill Mall, catch a bus to Foothills Hospital & walk almost the full length of the hospital from the bus stop to the MS Optimus clinic in the Tom Baker Cancer Centre end of the hospital do 1 hour of OT & 1 hour of physio - then walk back to the bus stop and reverse reoeat to get home - yippee.... guess that' all I'm doing today
I'm really really really hoping that the powers that be GET that I won't be able to work, do physio/rehab and not get sicker! Let me have my 6-8 weeks of rehab/physio to prep me for work! For God's sake, I had to wait months to get into the program & now that I have, let me use it to my (and ultimately work's) advantage!
Can't type any more...

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