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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Keeping track...

Another 10 hour sleep - still super fatigued & really dizzy this morning :(
I started the higher dose estrogen bc pill today -hopefully that helps somewhat with the MS symptoms I am having - TIME WILL TELL! If this doesn't work, my doctor said she'd consider me trying LDN
I have to do some laundry today! I'm running out of clothes! I'm not doing anything else all day & I have nothing planned for tomorrow - so I'll exhaust myself & pay for it tomorrow... no alternative!
I didn't get my soup made yesterday because I was way too tired to chop veg & fuss with soup making - my veg should be ok for a couple of days & I'll make it on Tueesday (or monday if I am able)
My arms are shaking & I'm very dizzy - have to stop typing because it's making me feel sick looking at the screen

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